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Why should you choose AinTransitions Ultimate Seamless Transitions Pack?

Introducing AinTransitions, a powerful and slick extension for Adobe After Effects that makes your video projects jump to life by using stylish and cool After Effects transitions. These trendy video transitions were masterly designed and created to grab the viewer’s attention, allowing you, the editor to tell a compelling and epic story to keep viewers entertained.

Whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned professional…we are confident you’ll find AinTransitions simple, intuitive and fun to use for all your video editing projects. In a world of constantly evolving video technologies, one thing remains the same, the need to link your video clips and segments and tell a coherent and epic story…and this is where AinTransitions comes to the rescue.

There are already a huge number of different AE transtions packs on the world market and among them you need to find the right one. This is where we solve one important problem – you no longer need to search among the many packs. We made a unique powerful extension and more than 5500 transitions of various types are included. Absolutely All Transition Types You May Need!

Ideally Suited For
Wedding Videographers
Drone Pilots
Home Video Enthusiasts
Video Editors
Music Video Producers
Where to use AinTransitions
TV Productions
Video Openers
Promo Videos
Wedding Videos
Film Productions
Corporate Videos
Sizzle Reels
YouTube Videos
Video Blogs
Music Videos
Portfolio Videos
Cinema Trailers
Instagram Stories
Tutorial Videos
Gaming Videos
Photo Slideshows
Ideas where transitions can be used to create delightful photo slideshow
#travel #weddings #birthday #new baby #anniversary #party #father’s day #memories #graduation #family reunion #vacation #mother’s day #sports #romance #real estate #non-profit organization #fitness #service professional #etc etc

MultiPurpose Seamless Transitions

The most comprehensive video transitions pack for After Effects on the market

seamless transitions
Includes stunning seamless transitions
Includes modern glitch
Includes fresh color transitions with gradients
Includes stylish transitions with alpha channel
Includes fresh shape

Exclusive Features

In addition to 5500+ transitions for After Effects, our extension includes minimal titles, photo covers and automation functions

Automation Functions

Useful features to help you save your time and work more conveniently

Placeholder Replacer
Build Sequence of Slides
Color Transitions Automation
Transition FPS Conversion
Typography FPS Conversion
Photo Covers Automation

Minimal Titles Pack

Suitable for your captions in a video or photo slideshow. Comes with auto-resize feature

Editable Duration
A quick way to change the Start and End of an animation
Smart Auto Size
Unique design of the title is retained for any size of your text
Live Preview
You can see the preview of animations in the extension
Smart Import
Import only the title you need with a single click
Color Change
You can easily change the color of any part
In & Out Animation
Unique In and Out animation of the minimal title
Up to 4K Resolution
It supports any minimal title resolution you need
Use Any Font
You can use any font for minimal titles
View preview of all Minimal Titles

Motion Effects

Motion Effect presets that make your photo or video more lively and dynamic

Photo Covers

Photo covers are great to use as a splash screen for your video, but their ideal use is in creating photo slideshows

Select one of 110+ layouts
Select photos to add
Click Run!
Get the result
View preview of all Photo Covers

Powerful Extension

Great solution for both experienced and first-time users

Clean structure
Easy to navigate
Applying in one click
Featured collections
User friendly interface
Elegant minimal titles
Duration control
Animation speed control
Preview of transitions & other elements
Target control for zoom transitions
Diffent transitions directions
Automation Functions

Extension Features

Some of the main transition's features available in the AinTransitions extension

Target control for Zoom Transitions
Apply transition in one click
Easy way to change transition's speed
Random Seed for Glitch transitions

Three Colors Options for Extension

Easy one-click switching in the extension settings

Responsive Design

for any aspect ratio of the screen and resolution up ot 4K

What makes AinTransitions extension Outstanding?

Exclusive features based on the experience of users

Featured Collections
Absolutely unique feature on the market. The ability to create an unlimited number of your own collections with transitions
Automation Functions
Transition FPS Conversion
Placeholders Replacer
Build Sequence of Slides
Color Transitions Automation
Typography Pack
Minimal Titles go along with a pack of transitions and are suitable for your captions in a video or photo slideshow
Photo Covers
Use beautiful covers for your slideshow or fit a lot of photos in one scene. Comes with Placeholders Replacer
Powerful Extension
The most advanced and convenient extension with transitions in the entire market
Free Pack of Transitions
Try the extension before buying a premium pack

Ultimate Transition's Sound Effects Pack

470+ high quality sound effects included in Premium package

Custom SFX
made by professional sound designer

AinTransitions Packages

AinTransitions has two packs - Free and Premium. Premium pack has two types of licenses - Standard and Extended

Free Pack
AinTransitions Extension
150 Transitions for After Effects
20 Motion Effects
30 Quality Sound FX
- Photo Covers
- Minimal Titles
- Build Sequence of Slides
- Placeholders Replacer
- Transitions FPS Conversion
- Typography FPS Conversion
- Color Transitions Automation
Get Free Pack
Premium Pack
from $69
AinTransitions Extension
5500+ Transitions for After Effects
110+ Motion Effects
470+ Quality Sound FX
110+ Photo Covers
36+ Minimal Titles
Build Sequence of Slides
Placeholders Replacer
Transitions FPS Conversion
Typography FPS Conversion
Color Transitions Automation
Buy Premium Pack
How to Videos
We have prepared detailed video tutorials on all parts of our extension. Some of them are in quick access below

How to use Alpha Transitions

The video shows how to use Alpha Matte transitions (with Alpha channel) using our extension

How to use Minimal Titles

The video shows the whole process from the interface to the use of Minimal Titles with auto-resize feature

How to use Photo Covers

The video shows the whole process from the interface to the use of Photo Covers and Placeholders Replacer function

How to use in Premiere Pro

The video shows how to use transitions for After Effects in the Premiere Pro via the Dynamic Link

AinTransitions Center