AinTransitions for After Effects FAQ

How can I pay for your premium pack (AinTransitions Core Pack)?

We distribute our premium AinTransitions Core Pack for After Effects exclusively on the Envato marketplace. Product called “AinTransitions – Ultimate Seamless Transitions Pack”.

Where can I find my Purchase Code (License Code) for AinTransitions?

Steps to get the Purchase code (license code)

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Go to your Downloads page.
  3. Click the big Download button next to AinTransitions item.
  4. Click the “License certificate and purchase code (text)” link.
  5. Open the License text file and locate your Item Purchase Code.

Visual steps to get the Purchase code (license code)

What is AinTransitions?

AinTransitions is a powerful and slick extension for Adobe After Effects, loaded with more than 5500, modern and powerfully intense video transitions to choose from.  AinTransitions will transform your videos into professional works of blockbuster proportions. Every single one of the trendy and cool transitions in the AinTransitions Core Pack was carefully and masterly designed to grab the viewers’ attention, allowing you to tell a compelling and epic story.

But that is not all. The premium core pack includes 36+ minimal titles with auto-resize feature, 110+ stylish photo covers, 110+ motion effects and additional functions for automation (build sequence of slides, placeholders replacer, transition’s frame rate conversion, typography’s frame rate conversion, photo covers automation, color transitions automation (for gradient transitions)).

The AinTransitions extension and Core pack are intended for After Effects, but you can use all transitions, photo covers and minimal titles in Premiere Pro through the Dynamic link.

What is AinTransitions Core Package?

AinTransitions Core Package – it is a premium pack called “AinTransitions – Ultimate Seamless Transitions Pack” and includes over 5500 Seamless Transitions for After Effects, over 110 Motion Effects, over 110 Photo Covers, over 36 Minimal Titles, as well as exclusive automation functions such as Build Sequences of Slides, Placeholders Replacer, Transition’s FPS Conversion, Typography FPS Conversion, Photo Covers Automation, Color Transitions Automation.

Since the pack includes a huge number of steep transitions, we divided it into 5 subpacks for convenience. These subpacks are included in the main pack and are called Core Transitions, Color TransitionsGlitch Transitions, Shape Transitions and Alpha Transitions (transitions with alpha channel).

AinTransitions extension + AinTransitions Core Pack = This is a great offer on the market, besides with many convenient things, one of which is the principle of an all-in-one package that you will need. And of course, special exclusive functionality in the extension.

What do I need do in order to start working with the AinTransitions?

To work with AinTransitions, you need minimal knowledge of Adobe After Effects and fully view all the training video tutorials, faq, documentation and knowledge base. We have prepared a maximum of materials and details so that even with minimal knowledge in After Effects you can make a cool photo slideshow or other video project that requires transitions.

On which versions of Adobe After Effects does it work?

AinTransitions extension and all packages (Free Transitions Pack and AinTransitions Ultimate Seamless Transitions Pack) are compatible with the following After Effects versions: CC 2015, CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019, CC 2020.

Supported versions of Adobe After Effects

AinTransitions extension and all packages are incompatible with After Effects versions lower than СС 2015. We are not planning on adding compatibility with lower versions, as many features may not work.

Do you have a demo or trial?

We provide all the materials so that you can make a decision about buying a premium pack. You can watch all the video tutorials in advance, read the documentation, faq and knowledge base, see the preview of all available packs (free and core), as this is available on our website for everyone.

Moreover, you can download AinTransitions extension for free and install it on your computer for a test drive. And, of course, we provide a pack of free transitions that you can install in the AinTransitions extension and use for your purposes, including for a test drive.

Can I see the available presets before buying a Premium pack?

Yes, you can see a preview of all categories of transitions, photo covers and minimal titles before buying a premium Core Pack called “AinTransitions – Ultimate Seamless Transitions Pack“. All previews you can see at this link  or by clicking on the image below.

Will presets work without an installed AinTransitions extension?

Yes, you can use presets (transitions, motion effects, photo covers, minimal titles) without using an extension, but we do not recommend you to do this, because in this case most of the features may not be available. We have added many useful features to our AinTransitions extension that really improve the process and save time.

Below is a list of options that will not be available:

  • You need to manually place the transition between footages so that the transition point is exactly at the junction of footages.
  • You need to manually enable the option “Collapse Transformations” for the transition layer.
  • Transitions will not automatically adjust to the resolution of your composition. You will need to do this manually for each transition, if the resolution of your composition is different from Full HD (1920×1080).
  • You will not be able to change the duration-speed of the transition by changing the In/Out points of the transition’s layer.
  • You will not be able to use the target control for zoom transitions.
  • You will not be able to use additional options designed for transitions.
  • You need to manually create a precomposition for transitions with an alpha channel.
  • You will not be able to use to change the speed and duration of In and Out animations for typography (minimal titles)
  • You will need to manually add footages to each placeholder in the photo cover template.
  • You will need to manually change the duration of each composition inside the photo cover template, if you want to change the duration of the photo cover template
  • Also, you will not be able to use convenient viewing previews and choosing a direction

On what types of layers work transitions in After Effects?

Transitions in After Effects work only for certain types of layers, since the main purpose of transitions is a transition from one full-fledged scene to another. Therefore, due to this specificity, this works for the following types of layers:

  • Video
  • Image (any type including Adobe Photoshop file (.psd) and Adobe Illustrator file (.ai))
  • Composition (that contains any graphic materials inside)

Please keep in mind that transitions do not work for the following layer types: Solid, Light, Camera, Null Object, Adjustment Layer, Shape Layer, Text.

AinTransitions system requirements

The requirements for AinTransitions extension and transitions packs for work do not differ from the requirements directly Adobe After Effects. You can read more about After Effects system requirements on the Adobe website.

Recommended system requirements
Processor Multicore processor, preferably from 2.2Ghz
Operating system Microsoft Windows or Mac OS

16 GB



Hard disk

Preferably SSD type of disk

What type of license do I need for AinTransitions?

AinTransitions has two types of license – Regular and Extended. In simple terms, the main difference is that under the Regular License, your end video is distributed for free, whereas under the Extended License your end video may be sold to the end user. In other words, if the end users need to pay to see the end video, you need an Extended License. If the end video is free, even if you are a commercial enterprise, you only need a Regular License.

An Extended License basically has three typical cases:

  • End video is a paid course.
  • End video is a broadcast TV Show or a movie. Even using an end video on a TV Show on a free-to-air channel requires an Extended License, because the end video is the show and that is being sold to the network.
  • You want to use part of the presets from the pack in your product that is intended for sale. For example, photo slideshow template. However, using presets from the pack as part of your product requires confirmation from us and cannot be used without permission.

In all other cases, a Regular License is applicable. For example, if you’re a freelancer, you are allowed to create an end video for a client using the Regular License and charge them for your services. Or you only need a Regular License where the end video is an advertisement, as the audience does not have to pay to view it. It doesn’t matter if the advertisement is for things that are being sold.

How many videos can you make?

  • Regular License allows you to make 52 videos within a year from the date of purchase.
  • Extended License allows you to make 52 videos within a year from the date of purchase.

Please keep in mind that you cannot re-distribute the AinTransitions regardless of which license you purchase.

On how many computers can I use one AinTransitions license?

According to the licensing terms, one license (license key) can be used on two computers which belong to one user. For example, your laptop and desktop computer.

You cannot use one license for two users. That is, you cannot use one license on the “User A” computer and on the “User B” computer. Each user must have their own license.

Can I transfer my license from one computer to another?

According to the licensing terms, one license can be used on two computers which belong to one user. These activations are finite and cannot be changed, however we go to meet our customers and provide the opportunity to transfer the license to another computer.

According to our conditions, we provide the opportunity to make 2 transfers per year. This is more than enough, especially considering the fact that activation in two computers and two transfers are available in the first year. That is, in the first year, you can definitely understand which computer is suitable.

Transfer operates in automatic mode. That is, the license can only be active on the last two computers from which the activation was made. On all previous computers, the license will be automatically deactivated.

Please keep in mind that in case of violation of the number of available activations and transfers, your license will be automatically blocked on the server and deactivated on all computers.

What is the license validity period / support period?

License has no expiration date. After the purchase, you will have access to the latest version of the product in your profile at any time. That is, you can access the latest updates and improvements for free at any time.

However, the license has a limit for the period of technical support. You can read more about item support policy in more detail. Current support period by license type:

  • Regular License – support for 6 months from the purchase date
  • Extended License – support for 12 months from the purchase date

If you bought the Regular License of the product more than 6 months ago, for technical support you should re-purchase a license for the item.

If you bought the Extended License of the product more than 12 months ago, for technical support you should re-purchase a license for the item.

Do you offer support?

AinTransitions Core Pack (Ultimate Seamless Transitions Pack), AinTrailers users get quality support from our team of professionals, and directly through their email. Our paid users get a given top priority in our support system, with replies to their support tickets taking precedence.

Have you tried the Help Center?

Although we are eager to help you, please be aware that we also offer frequently asked questions, detailed video tutorials, extensive documentation and knowledge base for every feature in our Help Center area. This is sometimes the quickest way for you to solve your issue or question. Go to to search through the entire help materials.

Use our Support Ticket System

There is no chat option in our support, but we manage to fix almost All issues that arise through our support ticket system You can create a new support ticket or check the status of an already created ticket. Also, you can send an email directly to the support email

Tips for getting fast, accurate support

Are you an AinTrailers or AinTransitions Core Pack (Ultimate Seamless Transitions Pack) user? If so, please do not forget to indicate the license code (license key) in your support ticket to verify that you are our customer.

In your initial support request, please be as detailed as possible so we can understand the issue.

Here are some tips that helps us help you:

  1. Be sure to include a license code (license key) to verify you as a customer. Support requests that do not have a license code in the initial request will have a lower priority.
  2. Indicate for which product you have a request: AinTrailers (Explainer Video Toolkit) or AinTransitions (Ultimate Seamless Transitions Pack)
  3. Indicate the version of the After Effects in which you work and preferably build (via menu Help > About After Effects)
  4. It is advisable to specify the version of the AinTransitions extension and the template in the initial request
  5. Try to describe as much as possible the problem you are facing. Steps, details, category or template names, and generally any useful information that will allow us to better understand the situation.
  6. Show screenshots so we can visualize the problem.
  7. What’s even better than screenshots? Video screencasts! Loom lets you create a free screencast where you can show us exactly the steps you are taking and you can explain it as you go.
  8. If possible, provide the logs generated by the AinTransitions extension. If any errors occur, our extension writes the log file to the folder ~Documents > Ainforce Extensions > AinTransitions

Why we don’t offer a lifetime license support?

We decided to write a post to explain why we don’t offer a lifetime license support, as some of the buyers often ask us about this.

We have big plans for AinTrailers, AinTransitions for After Effects, AinTransitions for Premiere Pro, AinTransitions for DaVinci Resolove and other design toolkits, to become the #1 leading premium all-in-one templates and extensions for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve. As you can already see and probably have time to make sure, we make truly high-quality products in all aspects. And we are constantly updating our products both in the form of new content elements and improvements based on user feedback, which we implement in releases.

Our business model cannot be sustainable with lifetime license support. Meaning that if we offer a lifetime license support, it would mean that in 2 or 5 or 10 years we won’t be able to provide the same premium support, same frequent content releases and the same standard of products. The development of modern and truly high-quality products takes a lot of time. At the same time, we have limited resources of the team.

The license has restrictions only on the support period, but this does not affect the receipt of updates at all. You will still receive useful updates and improvements.

Our team is 100% committed to your satisfaction and will remain so in the many years ahead.

Do I need to pay for updates?

No, you do not need to pay for updates. If you bought a license, you will receive all updates for free for the entire period of validity of the license and always the most current version of the product with all updates and improvements will be available in your profile.

The license on this computer was deactivated due to a violation of the number of activations

In rare cases, you may receive a message of this kind “The license on this computer was deactivated due to a violation of the number of activations.  You can contact our team via to get more details.”. This can only be if you have violated the licensing terms, although we provide a fairly flexible system.

In particular, a license may be blocked in the cases described below:

  • If you try to use a license intended for one user on computers of several users. Each user must have their own license.
  • If you have exceeded the limit of available transfers of your license to new computers.
  • If you have made a product refund, so the use of the product is no longer available.

Where can I download the latest version of the AinTransitions extension?

You can download the most current version of the AinTransitions extension for Adobe After Effects on the detailed product page on our website. Also, the latest version of the extension is included in the premium Core Pack of Transitions, which is available on the marketplace. Therefore, when downloading a pack from your profile, it will also have the current version.

Where can I get a Free Transitions pack?

Free Transitions Pack for After Effects is a small selection of transitions from each main sub-pack of premium Core Pack (Ultimate Seamless Transitions Pack). This is a great opportunity to test-drive our steep AinTransitions extension for Adobe After Effects, which you can download for free.

We distribute all free products through our Ainforce account on the website.

Where can I get a premium AinTransitions Core Pack?

We distribute our premium AinTransitions Core Pack for After Effects exclusively on the Envato marketplace. Product called “AinTransitions – Ultimate Seamless Transitions Pack”.

Where can I find out which version of the extension and packs I have installed?

There are several ways to find out which version of the AinTransitions extension and packs (Free or Core) are the most current and which versions are installed on your computer.

The currently installed version of the AinTransitions extension is always indicated in the lower right corner of the extension. You can see the versions of installed packs in the settings section.

How to find out which versions are currently available?

You can do this in one of the ways below:

  1. Click on the button “Check Version” in the AinTransitions extension
  2. View the latest available versions on the “Changelogs” page
  3. View available versions on the AinTransitions detail page

Do you provide an opportunity for offline license activation for computers without the internet access?

Yes, such an opportunity is included in AinTransitions extension, but we provide it only upon request via support system and in exceptional cases. For example, for corporate customers whose computers do not have Internet access due to internal security rules or firewall rules prohibit Adobe Efter Effects connection to the Internet.

Also, in exceptional cases, we can provide offline license activation for non-corporate customers who have unstable After Effects builds or After Effects builds with bugs and online activation does not work.

The method of offline activation is described in more detail in a separate detailed article “Activating license without Internet access“.

Important notice. We do not provide a license transfer option for licenses activated offline. You can use one license on two computers and these activations are finite. Please keep this in mind.


Can I get a Refund?

Yes, you can get a refund, but you must keep in mind that the Envato Help Team is in charge of the review and refund process.  That is, in other words, the result and time of the refund depends on the Envato Help Team. For convenience, materials for understanding and links to relevant pages will be presented below.

What you need to know about refund requests?
  • Envato refund policy was made to be transparent so your experience is as smooth as possible and gives you a "fair go" by using a baseline standard.
  • All refund requests for items are sent directly to Envato.
  • If you're looking for more information, you can read a more in-depth guide called How do refunds work?
In what case can a refund be refused?

Envato may ask you to provide supporting documentation or evidence. Any refund issued by Envato is entirely discretionary. Envato will make a decision based on all available information and you agree that our decision is final.

Neither Envato nor authors are obliged to give policy refunds in any of the situations listed below.

  • You don't want it after you've downloaded it
  • The item did not meet your expectations or you feel the item is of low quality
  • You simply change your mind
  • You bought an item by mistake
  • You do not have sufficient expertise to use the item
  • You claim that you are entitled to a refund but do not provide sufficient information as to why you are entitled to a refund
  • You can no longer access the item because it has been removed or the author who previously provided the item is no longer active on our platform (we advise you to download items as soon as you have purchased them to avoid this situation).
Before requesting a refund
  • Read the item's faq, documentation, knowledge base, watch video tutorials
  • Check the item's comments page, as you may find a solution to your issue there
  • Contact Us via our Support Portal (submit a support ticket)
  • Review our Envato Market Refund Rules to check if you are eligible for a refund
How to request a refund?

In which case there may be a problem with payment on the marketplace?

You may have problems completing payments on the marketplace if you only recently registered your account and are trying to make a purchase with several products and the amount in the cart exceeds $100.

Why is this happening?

This is an anti-fraud policy for new accounts  on the Envato marketplace. Therefore, new accounts have a purchase limit of $100, which is enough to pay for one product.

How to solve this problem?

In order to solve this problem, you first need to buy one product for one order. Then, the next day you can pay for the remaining products that you planned to buy.