Licensing Questions

Where can I find my License key for AinTransitions?

You can get a license key only after purchasing a premium version of AinTransitions on the storefront. Please note that the license key is only valid for the product you have purchased.

Steps to get the License Key (possible ways)

  1. Immediately after the purchase you will receive an email with a link to download the pack and a license key
  2. You can also find the license key on the order receipt page
  3. You can find the license key on the Library page in your gumroad account, where you need to click on the AinTransitions product cover

Visual steps to get the License key

In our screenshots, part of the code is hidden with asterisks for safety.

License key on the Library page

Email after purchase, where the license key is indicated

What type of license do I need for AinTransitions?

AinTransitions Packs come with two types of licenses – Commercial Lifetime and TV/Broadcast Commercial Lifetime. Both licenses have the same parameters except for the permission to use in TV/Broadcast for the TV Broadcast Commercial Lifetime license.

Features of Commercial Lifetime license and TV/Broadcast Commercial Lifetime license:

  • Single user license
  • No expiration
  • For personal and commercial use with unlimited number of End Uses and/or clients


If you need a Team License, please contact us.

While these licenses are flexible, the use in mobile apps or games, desktop apps, tools, video games and templates for sale is prohibited. For these purposes, an Extended Commercial License is required. The full version of License Terms is available at the link

Please keep in mind that you cannot re-sale, re-distribute the AinTransitions regardless of which license you purchase.

On how many computers can I use one AinTransitions license?

According to the licensing terms, one license (license key) can be used on two computers which belong to one user. For example, your laptop and desktop computer.

You cannot use one license for two users. That is, you cannot use one license on the “User A” computer and on the “User B” computer. Each user must have their own license.

Can I transfer my license from one computer to another?

According to the Licensing Terms, one license can be used on two computers which belong to one user. Also we provide the opportunity to transfer the license to another computer which belongs to the same user.

According to our conditions, we provide the opportunity to make 2 transfers per year. This is more than enough, especially considering the fact that activation in two computers and two transfers are available in the first year. That is, in the first year, you can definitely understand which computer is suitable.

Transfer operates in automatic mode. That is, the license can only be active on the last two computers from which the activation was made. On all previous computers, the license will be automatically deactivated.

Please keep in mind that in case of violation of the number of available activations and transfers, your license will be automatically blocked on the server and deactivated on all computers.

The license on this computer was deactivated due to a violation of the number of activations

In rare cases, you may receive a message of this kind “The license on this computer was deactivated due to a violation of the number of activations.  You can contact our team via to get more details.”. This can only be if you have violated the licensing terms, although we provide a fairly flexible system.

In particular, a license may be blocked in the cases described below:

  • If you try to use a license intended for one user on computers of several users. Each user must have their own license.
  • If you have exceeded the limit of available transfers of your license to new computers.
  • If you have made a product refund, so the use of the product is no longer available.

Do you provide an opportunity for offline license activation for computers without the internet access?

Yes, such an opportunity is included in AinTransitions extensions (both for After Effects and Premiere Pro), but we provide it only upon request via support system and in exceptional cases. For example, for corporate customers whose computers do not have Internet access due to internal security rules or firewall rules prohibit Adobe Efter Effects/Premiere Pro connection to the Internet.

Also, in exceptional cases, we can provide offline license activation for non-corporate customers who have unstable After Effects/Premiere Pro builds.

The method of offline activation is described in more detail in a separate detailed article “Activating license without Internet access” (After Effects) and “Activating license without Internet access“ (Premiere Pro).

Important notice. We do not provide a license transfer option for licenses activated offline. You can use one license on two computers and these activations are finite. Please keep this in mind.