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Character animations category - 04-sport

  • All presets with a “(Start)” phase have an “(End)” phase
  • All presets with a “(Loop)” phase have a “(Start)” and “(End)” phases
  • Presets with three phases (Start, Loop, End) must be combined through 1 frame from the extreme keyframe of each phase
  • Presets with two phases (Start, End) can be combined both through 1 frame and through the number of frames necessary for the static phase
  • Character emotions are not applied with the animation preset. This is in a separate section and must be applied separately.
  • You can substitute or create yourself any emotion for each character animation. Current emotions in animations perform demonstrative functions and give ideas how this can be, while most of the emotions are available as presets in a special section.

01_Boxing - (Premade)

02_Boxing - (Loop)

03_Boxing - (Loop)

04_Boxing - (Loop)

05_Boxing Uppercut - (Premade)

06_Boxing Uppercut - (Loop)

07_Kicking - (Premade)

08_Kicking - (Loop)

09_Jumping with Joy - (Loop)

10_Skating - (Loop)

11_Doing Exercises

12_Doing Exercises

13_Doing Squats


15_Doing Jumping Jacks

16_Jumping Rope


18_Lunge [Both legs]

19_Leg Swings


21_Lifting Weight [attempt]




25_Victory Pose

26_Victory Pose

27_Jumping Upwards

28_Jumping - Do the Splits