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Character animations category - 08-sitting-actions

  • All presets with a “(Start)” phase have an “(End)” phase
  • All presets with a “(Loop)” phase have a “(Start)” and “(End)” phases
  • Presets with three phases (Start, Loop, End) must be combined through 1 frame from the extreme keyframe of each phase
  • Presets with two phases (Start, End) can be combined both through 1 frame and through the number of frames necessary for the static phase
  • Character emotions are not applied with the animation preset. This is in a separate section and must be applied separately.
  • You can substitute or create yourself any emotion for each character animation. Current emotions in animations perform demonstrative functions and give ideas how this can be, while most of the emotions are available as presets in a special section.
  • The presets from this section can be combined with each other without the default sitting pose only if they are close in the initial and final location of body parts.
  • Combining presets with different parameters, as well as combining with presets from other sections, should be done only through the “Start” and “End” phases for each of the presets.
  • The combination of presets from standing to sitting or vice versa should only be through phases of presets that sit down or sit up. In other words, only through the intermediate presets we have prepared, but not directly, since the After Effect does not know about what is happening in the animation and simply changes the value from point A to point B.
Please keep in mind that all objects shown in the preview are used as an illustrative example. The AinTrailers Characters Assistant plugin applies character animation only, without objects. All the necessary objects you need to add yourself to the character's composition.


01_Warm Up - (Loop)

02_Relaxing - (Loop)

03_Come Here - (Loop)

04_Thinking - (Loop)

05_Drinking Tea - (Loop)

06_Swinging Legs - (Loop)

07_Reading - (Loop)

08_Bored - (Loop)

09_Thinking - (Loop)

10_Playing a video game - (Loop)

11_Relaxing Pose - (Loop)

12_Arm Exercise - (Loop)

On the Ground

01_Sit on the ground - (Down)

01_Sit on the ground - (Up)

02_Sit on the ground - (Down)

02_Sit on the ground - (Up)

03_Sit on the ground - (Down)

03_Sit on the ground - (Up)

04_Sit on the ground - (Loop)

Sit Down

01_Height Level 1__v1 - (End)

01_Height Level 1__v1 - (Start)

02_Height Level 1__v2 - (End)

02_Height Level 1__v2 - (Start)

03_Height Level 1__v3 - (End)

03_Height Level 1__v3 - (Start)

04_Height Level 1__v4 - (End)

04_Height Level 1__v4 - (Start)

05_Height Level 1__v5 - (End)

05_Height Level 1__v5 - (Start)

06_Height Level 2__v1 - (End)

06_Height Level 2__v1 - (Start)

07_Height Level 2__v2 - (End)

07_Height Level 2__v2 - (Start)

08_Height Level 2__v3 - (End)

08_Height Level 2__v3 - (Start)

09_Height Level 2__v4 - (End)

09_Height Level 2__v4 - (Start)

10_Height Level 2__v5 - (End)

10_Height Level 2__v5 - (Start)

11_Height Level 3__v1 - (End)

11_Height Level 3__v1 - (Start)

12_Height Level 3__v2 - (End)

12_Height Level 3__v2 - (Start)

13_Height Level 3__v3 - (End)

13_Height Level 3__v3 - (Start)

14_Height Level 3__v4 - (End)

14_Height Level 3__v4 - (Start)

15_Height Level 3__v5 - (End)

15_Height Level 3__v5 - (Start)


01_Working - (Loop)

02_Working - (Loop)

03_Serfing Internet - (Loop)

04_Indignation - (Loop)

05_Typing - (Loop)

06_Writing - (Loop)

07_Working and Sleep - (Loop)

08_Bored - (Loop)

09_Dozing - (Loop)

10_Day Dreaming - (Loop)

11_Overworked - (Loop)

12_Bored - (Loop)

13_Get an Idea - (Loop)

14_Surprised - (Loop)

15_Relaxed - (Loop)

16_Using Laptop - (Loop)

17_Playing Games - (Loop)

18_Playing Games - (Loop)

19_Hitting Keyboard - (Loop)

20_Hitting Keyboard Hard - (Loop)

21_Received Email - (Loop)

22_Angry - (Loop)

23_Happy - (Loop)

24_Angry - (Loop)

25_Typing - (Loop)

26_Typing - (Loop)

27_Typing - (Loop)

28_Typing - (Loop)

29_Typing - (Loop)

30_Typing Frantically - (Loop)

31_Typing Tired - (Loop)