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Character Emotions for Animation category - 09-for-props

01_Holding over Head - (Loop)_(Mixed)

01_Surfing - (Premade)_(Sport)

02_Picks Up an Object_(Mixed)

03_Skateboarding - (Premade)_(Sport)

03_Standing with Coffee_(Mixed)

05_Skateboarding - (Premade)_(Sport)

06_Toss in the Air - (Loop)_(Mixed)

07_Push - (Loop)_(Mixed)

07_Skateboarding and Ride - (Premade)_(Sport)

08_Lifting - Good Posture_(Mixed)

09_Lay down Box_(Mixed)

09_Lifting Weight [fast] - (Premade)_(Sport)

10_Take an Object_(Mixed)

11_Lifting Weight [fast] - (Premade)_(Sport)

11_Take an Object_(Mixed)

12_Raising Banner - (Loop)_(Mixed)

13_Lifting Weight [hard] - (Premade)_(Sport)


14_Showing Certificate_(Mixed)

15_Comparing - (Loop)_(Mixed)

16_Dumbell Curls - (Loop)_(Sport)

16_Yelling on Phone_(Mixed)

17_Dumbell Curls - (Loop)_(Sport)

17_Talking on Phone_(Mixed)

18_Dumbell Curls - (Loop)_(Sport)

18_Showing on Phone (tablet)_(Mixed)

19_Taking Out of the Pocket_(Mixed)

20_Standing with Suitcase_(Mixed)

21_Standing with Bat - (Start)_(Mixed)

22_Waving Bat - (Start)_(Mixed)

23_Shoot [Multi]_(Mixed)

24_Shoot [Single]_(Mixed)

25_Drinking Coffee - (Start)_(Mixed)

26_Holding Sign - (Premade)_(Mixed)

28_Holding Sign - (Premade)_(Mixed)

30_Relaxing with Coffee - (Loop)_(Mixed)

31_Drinking Beverage - (Loop)_(Mixed)

32_Holding Money Bag_(Mixed)

33_Shaking Upsidedown a Piggy Bank - (Loop)_(Mixed)

34_Explaining with Whiteboard - (Loop)_(Mixed)

35_Holding Umbrella - (Loop)_(Mixed)

36_Old Fashioned Marketing - (Premade)_(Mixed)

38_Old Fashioned Marketing - (Premade)_(Mixed)

40_Holding Banner_(Mixed)