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Character animations category - 10-single-use-only

  • Presets from this section are not intended for combination with other presets. It is intended for single use only, as presented in the preview.
  • However, presets numbered 8, 9, 10 can be used to combine with other animations that use the default pose
  • Character emotions are not applied with the animation preset. This is in a separate section and must be applied separately.
  • You can substitute or create yourself any emotion for each character animation. Current emotions in animations perform demonstrative functions and give ideas how this can be, while most of the emotions are available as presets in a special section.
Please keep in mind that all objects shown in the preview are used as an illustrative example. The AinTrailers Characters Assistant plugin applies character animation only, without objects. All the necessary objects you need to add yourself to the character's composition.


01_Riding a Bike - (Loop)

02_Sitting in Yoga Pose

03_Climb - Hanging On - (Loop)

04_Flying with Balloons - (Loop)

05_Space Floating - (Loop)

06_Falling Down - (Loop)

07_Flying - (Loop)

08_Superman - vertical take off

09_Superman - horizontal take off

10_Hero Pose - (In)

11_Excited Celebrate - (In)