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Character animations category - 09-for-props

  • All presets with a “(Start)” phase have an “(End)” phase
  • All presets with a “(Loop)” phase have a “(Start)” and “(End)” phases
  • Presets with three phases (Start, Loop, End) must be combined through 1 frame from the extreme keyframe of each phase
  • Presets with two phases (Start, End) can be combined both through 1 frame and through the number of frames necessary for the static phase
  • Character emotions are not applied with the animation preset. This is in a separate section and must be applied separately.
  • You can substitute or create yourself any emotion for each character animation. Current emotions in animations perform demonstrative functions and give ideas how this can be, while most of the emotions are available as presets in a special section.
Please keep in mind that all objects shown in the preview are used as an illustrative example. The AinTrailers Characters Assistant plugin applies character animation only, without objects. All the necessary objects you need to add yourself to the character's composition.


01_Holding over Head - (Loop)

02_Picks Up an Object

03_Standing with Coffee

04_Standing with Coffee and Drinking - (Premade)

05_Standing with Coffee and Drinking - (Loop)

06_Toss in the Air - (Loop)

06_Toss in the Air - (Loop)_v2

07_Push - (Loop)

08_Lifting - Good Posture

09_Lay down Box

10_Take an Object

11_Take an Object

12_Raising Banner - (Start)


14_Showing Certificate

15_Comparing - (Loop)

16_Yelling on Phone

17_Talking on Phone

18_Showing on Phone (tablet)

19_Taking Out of the Pocket

20_Standing with Suitcase

21_Standing with Bat - (Start)

21_Standing with Bat - (Start)_v2

22_Waving Bat - (Start)

22_Waving Bat - (Start)_v2

23_Shoot [Multi]

24_Shoot [Single]

25_Drinking Coffee - (Start)

26_Holding Sign - (Premade)

27_Holding Sign - (Loop)

28_Holding Sign - (Premade)

29_Holding Sign - (Loop)

30_Relaxing with Coffee - (Loop)

31_Drinking Beverage - (Loop)

32_Holding Money Bag

33_Shaking Upsidedown a Piggy Bank - (Loop)

34_Explaining with Whiteboard - (Loop)

35_Holding Umbrella - (Loop)

35_Holding Umbrella - (Loop)_v2

36_Old Fashioned Marketing - (Premade)

37_Old Fashioned Marketing - (Loop)

38_Old Fashioned Marketing - (Premade)

39_Old Fashioned Marketing - (Loop)

40_Holding Banner


01_Surfing - (Premade)

02_Surfing - (Loop)

03_Skateboarding - (Premade)

04_Skateboarding - (Loop)

05_Skateboarding - (Premade)

06_Skateboarding - (Loop)

07_Skateboarding and Ride - (Premade)

08_Skateboarding and Ride - (Loop)

09_Lifting Weight [fast] - (Premade)

10_Lifting Weight [fast] - (Loop)

11_Lifting Weight [fast] - (Premade)

12_Lifting Weight [fast] - (Loop)

13_Lifting Weight [hard] - (Premade)

14_Lifting Weight [hard] - (Loop)

15_Doing Pull-ups

16_Dumbell Curls - (Loop)

17_Dumbell Curls - (Loop)

18_Dumbell Curls - (Loop)