AinTransitions Content Preview

Preview of Color Rounds Transitions for After Effects

  • Only one direction is shown for each subcategory in order to have an overall view
  • Gifs may not seem so dynamic, because the average speed is selected so that you can clearly see the transition
  • In the AinTransitions extension, you can choose any desired transition speed
  • Symbols "v1, v2, v3, v4" in the subcategory name indicate that transitions differ in the number of parts, but belong to the same subcategory for convenience
  • For each transition using the Color Control settings you can change the color of any part. You can also use the market-unique automatic color generation functionality that is built into the AinTransitions extension

Center Crossing

Crossing Lines v1

Crossing Lines v2

Edge Crossing

Opening S

Opening v1

Opening v2

Pyramid Wave MD

Pyramid Wave SM

Pyramid Wave XS

Short Crossing 3D

Short Crossing

Simple Opening

Simple Wave v1

Simple Wave v2