AinTransitions AE User Guide

How to use Minimal Titles

The premium AinTransitions Core Pack includes more than 36 Minimal Titles. And all the titles come with the option of real auto resize, that is, with any length of your text, the design will retain its original appearance and proportions. Typography can be easily imported into your project with one click. Moreover, the extension has the ability to easily change text through the form.

Interface Overview

Video Tutorial

How to use Minimal Titles

We care about users with different levels of After Effects, so our tutorials are made in a detailed form. Therefore, time codes are available for each tutorial, with which you can find the necessary information. Also in each tutorial at the top there is a visual display of the section.

  • 00:00 – 00:07Intro
  • 00:08 – 01:44Interface Overview
  • 01:45 – 03:07How to use Minimal Titles
  • 03:08 – 04:36How to customize Minimal Titles
  • 04:37 – 05:51How to change animation speed of the title
  • 05:52 – 06:35Other features (typography frame rate conversion)
  • 06:36 – 06:45Ending

View a preview of Minimal Titles